Web Design

Along side this I also design websites.

The website you’re currently looking at is of course one of my creations, but if you want you can look at it in a number of different styles.

Plain style Island Original

What makes my websites different?

I strongly believe that simple text files are much easier to edit than dragging and dropping buttons around.

If I make you a website, all of the layout and styling will be pre-done for you, all you need to worry about is uploading images and writing content.

Adding a blog or new page can be done simply by adding a single text file to the correct folder. These files will be written “Markdown”. Which turns:

Hello Everybody

I like websites

* This is my website
* I have other sites somewhere


Hello Everybody

I like websites

The whole thing will automagically be styled to fit the website using the template files. These are also plain text. You can change them if you want yourself, though you probably won’t need to.