What is Magic?

  • It is the look of delight in someones eyes as they see the impossible happen.
  • It is that moment when everything becomes possible.
  • It is a breaking of everything we thought we knew about how the world works, even if just for a second.
  • It is a chance to be really really silly.

I have long enjoyed being a magician. I love the slapstick as everyone begins to get involved. I love being corrected time and time again by children because I keep calling the egg a bag. Ooops.

Yes, being impromptu takes a lot of preparation, but that always pays off as I see the audience laughing or smiling and getting involved.

The show is not only magic, but juggling and stories too. I also run juggling workshops.

What I offer

(Depending on distance I may have to charge extra to cover travel costs)

Classic 2 Hour Party:

The vast majority of children's parties last for 2 hours:

  • 15 mins : Children Arrive
  • 45 mins : Magic Show
  • 30 mins : Food
  • 30 mins : Games

Option A : Magic Show - £100
Option B : Show and Games - £140

Other Kid's events

I can also provide juggling or magic workshops. My general prices for things like these are:

£60 Booking + £40/hr

Grown up events

I can also provide a walk-around magician, for parties and other events.

£60 Booking + £40/hr

*Booking fee is non-refundable
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