Tash can bring out the life in your stories with pictures in a variety of styles and mediums.

Or, sometimes all you really want is one picture. This may be a drawing of a friend or loved one, a character of your own design you'd love to see in print, a tattoo you want, or one of a hundred other ideas.

All finals can be provided in a digital format and emailed securely to anywhere in the world.

The Process

The illustration process is usually begun with a discussion of the needs and desires for the project.

This will include:

  • The aim of the illustrations:
    • To engage young readers.
    • To explain the text.
    • To add a playful feel to the text.
    • ...
  • Style preferences:
    • Cartoony
    • Realistic
    • Anime
    • Watercolours
    • ...
  • Number of illustrations required.
  • Time frame.
  • Image Format:
    • Size (Resoltion)
    • Shape (Rectangle / Oval / ...)
    • Format (Raster /Vector)

Raster images is a grid of colours or bitmap, whereas vector images are a list of lines and shapes. Both styles have their advantages.

Once these things are discussed, Tash will provide a few sample images to estimate time and cost and to establish that she's clearly understood the project. This is the time to really make sure you get the look you're after. These first images will take longer than later images in the same series, but it saves time overall to get the style right the first time.

If it is a large series, there will also be a spreadsheet available to oversee the series and to follow the progress.

Finally, once the style and format, is settled, Tash will begin sketching the rough drafts and sending them on to be accepted. When a sketch is O.K.d she will begin the final drawing.

Depending on the size of the project, Tash may require payment at number of images based intervals throughout the project. These will be noted in the progress tracker spreadsheet. Please openly discuss any concerns or requirements you have concerning payments as early as possible to avoid confusion.

The final drawings will be named sequentially and provided in the format and size agreed upon at the discussion stage. These can be sent by email or Dropbox securely.

Edits after the final drawing are possible, particularly with digitally produced images. Occasionally redraws may be required. Depending on our agreement, there is likely an additional cost for this.

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