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Do you want to learn to Code?

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"My son loves his sessions with Matt and comes home buzzing with enthusiasm to tell us all about what he's learned. He has never engaged with any of the classes or tutoring we've tried before." -- Rachel Yeandle

I can teach you or your kids to build web applications using the same technologies "real" programmers use.

I can teach how to approach problem solving as programmers do, and how to turn those solutions into code.

With a BSc in Computer Science (Swansea 2007), many years experience coding, and four years tutoring experience, I've created a course structure to bring people with no knowledge to building cool stuff that they can share with their friends over the web.

Of course it takes time. There are no shortcuts, but the goal is to get people seeing the results of their work quickly so they can keep pushing forward.

My lessons are 90 minutes. 45 minutes theory and 45 minutes practical with a 15 minute break between.

The Theory

"The sessions are really interesting. Matt always explains confusing things in a way that makes sense and makes coding really fun!" -- Nicky (age 10)

Using physical things like chess pieces, lego, tiles, and cards. We learn to approach real problems as programmers. Learning to "Think Like a Programmer". Once we have solved the problem in our minds we try to convert that solution Javascript code.

The Practical

Here we turn on the computer, and I teach how to build simple web pages.

Starting with HTML and CSS, we discover how the Web works using the real technologies that people use every day without realizing.

We then begin to add Javascript code to make our pages more interactive. We build a Quiz app, a Bean game app (bantumi), and work up towards making more and more capable systems, up towards classical arcade games like asteroids, where the students will be making important design decisions themselves.

The Prices

Your first Lesson is FREE.

After that, it's £35 per 90 minute lesson with a 15 minute break in the middle.

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